Marcy Davis Piano Studio - Piano for Adults

What is Keys Club for Teens?

Keys Club is a group music learning experience designed to be interactive, individualized, flexible and fun.


Meet each week with a group of peers to play and learn music together. 

Interact with classmates and teacher online during the week (private groups in Google Classroom or Facebook)

Upload videos for feedback between lessons

Watch tutorials, download extra lesson material at home


Progress at your own rate

Focus on styles/artists that interest you while being exposed to a wide array of choices

Students set their own pace for note-reading/method books.

Group activities always have multiple difficulty options. 


Attend a 'Home' class on a regular basis

Reschedule to a different class when conflicts arise (space permitting)

Attend class multiple times per week (space permitting)


Play in the styles of your favorite artists/composers

Learn to function as part of a musical team (piano band/ensemble)

Invite your friends!