Marcy Davis Piano Studio - Piano for Adults

Adults: Private Lessons


Students may choose between bi-weekly or monthly lessons, or purchase a Flex-Plan Package.

All-Inclusive Tuition with Lending Library

Physical and Digital Lending Libraries

Tuition includes the loan of all books and materials (with the exception of special request items not in the lending library). Students' wish lists guide my library purchases; let me know what you're dying to play, and I'll do my best to find a way to make it happen.

Paper Book Lending Library:

    Original compositions

    Folk tunes





    Holiday music

    EZ Play lead sheets.

Digital (Licensed to Print) Library:

    Piano Pronto

    Supersonics Piano

    Composers Community

    Will Baily Piano Tunes

    Forrest Kinney Puzzle Play


    Scale & Chord Charts

    Flashcards & other Study Aids

iPad App -  Piano Maestro Subscription Included in Tuition ($9.99/month value)

In short, students will not need to purchase books or materials unless they have special wish-list items I can't provide.

Video Library

Pre-recorded videos can be accessed at home through the online student portal. Personalized videos may also be recorded during or in-between lessons, for access at home through the student portal.

Required at Home

*Acoustic or Digital Piano/Keyboard with standard size (not mini) keys, and a bench of appropriate height to match

*Internet connection near the piano at home, using computer, iPad or smartphone

*Metronome app or digital drums for computer or smartphone, or a physical metronome

*OPTIONAL - iPad or iPhone for music learning and practice apps