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What do I need to participate in Keys Club?


Internet Access

Students will need to have Internet access at the piano for home practice, with use of a Laptop, iPad or smartphone.

All group lesson plans and resources (video, audio, PDF's) will be posted online, accessible through the student portal.

Most student home practice will require streaming audio or video, or connection to online apps like Piano Marvel and Piano Maestro.

MIDI Enabled Keyboard

For best note-reading progress, students will have a keyboard connected to Piano Marvel. Read more about Piano Marvel here:

For those students unable to connect a MIDI keyboard, Piano Maestro can work as a substitute. (requires an iPad, but no wires, as the app 'listens' to your playing through the built in mic)

Technology is an integral part of Keys Club. Video lessons and apps like Piano Marvel function as Practice Tutors at home during the week - the next best thing to taking the teacher home with you. 

During home practice students will drill on the basics (note reading, rhythm, chord structure) at their own pace, which frees up class time for more creative playing, refining technique, and collaborating in groups.