Marcy Davis Piano Studio - Piano for Adults

What is Keys Club for Teens?

A group music learning experience designed to be interactive, individualized, flexible and fun


Internet Access

Students will need to have Internet access at the piano for home practice, with use of a Laptop, iPad or smartphone.

All group lesson plans and resources (video, audio, PDF's) will be posted online, accessible through the student portal.

Most student home practice will require streaming audio or video, or connection to online apps like Piano Marvel and Piano Maestro.

MIDI Enabled Keyboard

For best note-reading progress, students will have a keyboard connected to Piano Marvel. Read more about Piano Marvel here:

For those students unable to connect a MIDI keyboard, Piano Maestro can work as a substitute. (requires an iPad, but no wires, as the app 'listens' to your playing through the built in mic)


Technology is an integral part of Keys Club. Video lessons and apps like Piano Marvel function as Practice Tutors at home during the week - the next best thing to taking the teacher home with you. 

During home practice students will drill on the basics (note reading, rhythm, chord structure) at their own pace, which frees up class time for more creative playing, refining technique, and collaborating in groups.


Classes are organized into three semesters - Fall/Winter, Spring and Summer

Fall Semester - Begins roughly mid-September and ends roughly mid-January (see current schedule for exact dates)

Spring Semester - Begins roughly the beginning of February through roughly the end of May (see current schedule for exact dates)

Both Fall and Spring Semesters are guaranteed 12 weeks of lessons each, with a few extra in case of snow days/teacher illness.

Summer Term - Varies by year. Flexibility is built in. For example, students can choose to attend 4, 6 or 8 lessons from a set of available weeks on the calendar.


Semester tuition is $380 plus $50 registration/materials fee. Students may opt to pay tuition in 4 equal monthly installments of $95 (plus $50 materials fee, or pay a discounted lump sum of $342 (plus $50 materials fee). Students will receive electronic invoices, which they can pay through the student portal with credit card or electronic bank transfer. Installment payments will be due on the first of each month. Payments received after the 10th of the month will incur a $20 late fee.


Students will be assigned a weekly 'home' class day and time; the lesson schedule can be viewed through the student portal. Any necessary rescheduling may also be done through the portal. 


Tuition is not pro-rated for missed lessons, but it's possible to attend class multiple times per week if necessary. 


Instead, make use of video exchanges, texting and emailing to get extra work or feedback from your teacher, or come twice during a week once you are well. Remember also that each semester has 2-3 'bonus' lessons built in.


Park on either side of the driveway. Please do not block the circle drive. During the dry months, it's okay to park on the strip of grass on the north side of my property.