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Marcy Davis Piano Studio


Studio Policies

Adult Student Lessons

Choose a Plan:

Beginner Small Group Lessons - meets 1 hour weekly for 6 weeks ($200)

Private Lessons - 2 lessons (45 min. each) per month/bi-weekly ($95/month)

Private Lessons - 1 lesson (45 min. each) per month ($75/month)

Private Lessons - Flex-Plan. Student contacts me Sunday night to inquire which slots are available for the coming week. (4 Lessons - $200, 6 Lessons - $280, 8 Lessons - $350)

Video-Only Lessons ($50/month)

          Add-on to Video-Only - Single Private Lesson, Flex-Time ($25)

All plans require Internet connection near the piano at home for video and audio delivery. Each plan includes access to a large music lending library of digital sheet music and pre-recorded topical lessons and play-along tracks; the ability to record videos during the lesson and at home; and the option to request feedback in between private lessons.


Payment is due in advance at the first lesson of each month. Electronic invoices will be sent to your contact email.

For those months with a 5 th week, no regular lessons during that week. (see printed lesson calendar)

Make-Up Policy, Schedule Changes & Illness

No refunds for missed lessons. Makeups on a space-available basis only (not guaranteed). No makeups for no-shows or same-day cancellations. 

For pre-arranged cancellations, students may use video-exchange, texts and email to cover missed material, ask questions, record practice videos and receive feedback. If the teacher must cancel a lesson, she will either reschedule or provide extra instruction through videos or online correspondence.

To Schedule Flex-Plan and One-Time Lessons: Sunday eve, inquire about available openings for the upcoming week.

*Once on the schedule, a lesson is NON-REFUNDABLE and will be counted as a used lesson.

*Flex-Plan lessons must be redeemed/scheduled within 12 months of purchase.


Regular Private Lessons: first and last month’s tuition is due at registration. For Flex-Plan, a lesson package must be purchased before the first lesson can be scheduled. For one-time lessons, the lesson must be purchased before it can be scheduled. 

Discontinuing Regular Private Lessons (not Flex-Plan)

One-month advance notice to discontinue lessons. 

Summer Lessons

Summer months (June, July, August) billed as one term; students sign up at the beginning of the summer and create a lesson package of their choice, from 4 to 10 lessons, and reserve specific weeks on the calendar.

Tuition due 1st of June.

December Tuition

December is a half-month (first 2 weeks of month). Students will be billed at one package below their usual rate. Examples: Weekly lessons students (4x/month) will be billed as bi-weekly (2x/ month), Bi-weekly (2x/month) billed as monthly. Monthly students: first two weeks Dec – lessons as usual; last two weeks, choose to reschedule or skip Dec.

Arriving, Leaving and Parking

Park on either side of the circle drive. Please leave the circle drive open.